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Welcome to Studio Vox Box, located in Franklin, Tennessee.   My name is Deanna Delore, owner and instructor, and I am  a certified vocal instructor Level III in IVA method.  This method is the most sought after and EFFECTIVE vocal technique available and is used in ALL genres of singing- Pop, Classical, Jazz, Musical Theater, and more. IVA method is the technique used by most professional singers in the music industry.  I am the ONLY certified instructor in the region.  I have a rigorous amount of annual education, reading, conferences, testing and personal vocal training I must complete to  maintain my affiliation with IVA.   What makes this so valuable to you is that you are getting training from a teacher who is constantly receiving ongoing education  to improve and deepen my knowledge of the method, vocal science,  AND in teaching the method so that YOU have the best training available.


IVA technique will help singers find and strengthen their "natural" voice by training the neuromuscular system to produce sound in a healthy unencumbered manner. Singers who use IVA find their voice expressing music freely, unhampered by interfering muscular involvement or tension which in turn ensures the lyrics are produced easily and clearly. This is achieved through specific exercises that train and re enforce the body to sing free of tension. IVA exercises prevent the muscles around the larynx (voice box) from engaging and ensure the vocal folds muscles develop correctly so that there is no interference with sound production. As the singer gets used to producing sounds with a larynx that remains in a neutral position they find the voice is flexible, connected, strong, free and balanced through out it's registers. An exciting and liberating feeling; trust us! Singing in this way gives the artist the freedom to concentrate on being just that, an Artist. Now who doesn't want that!

I believe that the desire to  sing is at the heart of us all.   The ultimate form of self expression is through the human voice.  If you are interested in knowing how to use your voice better, more efficiently, more freely, and sound more beautiful, then studying solid technique with a certified vocal instructor is the best way.  I can help you find your voice!

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