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Student before and after

"Thanks to Deanna's help my range has quickly increased, my nasality has vanished, and singing has never been easier! I'm able to sing so many songs I could never dream of singing before."
-Ashur G., PCPA student


"I've been taking voice lessons for the past 5 years and I've enjoyed it a TON! Deanna helps me improve with bunches of vocal drills and shows me the techniques that help me to perfect a song. I've learned so much, and it's also made me more confident as a vocalist."
-Amber M., Singer/Songwriter


"Deanna is one of the best vocal instructors I have ever had.  If not for people like you, I would be nowhere near the level I am today. Thank you, Deanna, for your excellence and for your dedication to train people, like myself, to sing properly.  When someone teaches you the proper skills, you can do amazing things. Thanks again, Deanna Delore! 

-Kelly Atwell

Lead vocalist, Rock of Ages


"Deanna is a great teacher! She is so talented herself, and she has been building confidence in me to believe in myself more. I have learned so much from her. Her methods are incredibly helpful and the techniques she teaches have improved my skills so much. Deanna is always so encouraging and supportive, and I’m so thankful to take lessons with her!"
-Kathryn L. , College Student, Big Band lead vocalist


"Deanna has an incredible ability to teach voice (which is worth more than gold), but what I appreciate most about ther is the way she interacts with my  three kids.  There's always love in the way yshe speaks to them and words will never be enough to express how grateful I am. Her ability to love and teach them is priceless to me. "
-Gina O., Happy parent of three Studio Vox Box students